indiemotion EDUCATION

indiemotion education combine movement, dance and yoga in a harmonious creative method. Train the body, uplift the soul and trigger neural networking for spiritual evolution. Develop transdisciplinary projects in the convergence of art, science, technology and consciousness research.

Biodiversity is the way for the emergence of new species, cultural diversity represents the creative potential of a new planetary society. 

indiemotion crosses many cultural boundaries between science knowledge and the ancestral wisdom of indigenous traditions.

Our focus is the inter-in-dependence of ancient and new technologies with the different realities that co-exist in nature and in the cosmos.

  • Educational programs

  • Transdisciplinary projects

  • Indigenous traditions

  • Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

  • Hula hawaiian dances

  • Bharatanatyam indian dance

  • New technologies

  • Bungee Fly

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Experience, stage, practice

  • Individual and group class

  • Festivals, retreats, eduvacation

indiemotion facilitate transformative journeys between inner and outer worlds. We encourage everybody to move beyond gender, age, shape and sizes conditioning. We aim to melt social boundaries to free emotions in movement and find ourselves part of a greater tribe.

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