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"inter-in-dependence"is a term coined by Raimon Panikkar

the philosopher and proponent of interfaith dialogue

in a quote he distinguishes between pleasure - happiness - joy:

pleasure is of the body - happiness is of the soul - joy is of the spirit

between them there should be harmony.

independence is the vision that realizes the uniqueness of every being,

inter-in-dependence is the intuition that all is united at the same time.

indiemotion promotes that harmony

to be unique and united.

in yoga

ancient and new technologies

my spiritual journey 

started with Sahaja yoga,

developed through 

Ashtanga vinyasa practice and has been certified by Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri

at I.C.Y.E.R. in India

find your emotion in movement

  • performance art training

    2 h

    on request

  • indigenous traditional dances

    2 h

    on request

  • ancient and new technologies

    2 h

    on request

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