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Grotesque, disquieting and ironic representation of a soul searching for liberation, a logical sense in the apparent chaos and randomness of human existence. The five afflictions of the mind in yoga philosophy are embodied by five hybrid humanoids.

5 KLESHA is a life long artwork conceived as a contemplation of human miseries (Ignorance - Ego - Desire - Hate - Fear of death) in the struggle between alien technologies and animal impulses, masculine and feminine genders, baroque excess and zen essence.

Art installation and performance

Duration: 15/50 min

Concept/Performance design/Live act: Kàartik 

Lyrics: Claudio De Maglio, Kàartik

Video: Paolo Girol, Dandy Books, New Drug

Photo: Serena Salvadori

Production: indiemotion

Year: 2011

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