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Kdindie embodies a trinary digital identity architecture

at the intersection of dance, theater and new media.

Body of work highlighting the cosmic common sense

of diversity across planetary indigenous traditions.

Our creative process of art, science and

technology triggers imagination and educate

through collaborative experiences.

We create performance art to be unique and united.




About us

Italian-polish Denny Fiorino studied architecture and design in Trieste, contemporary dance at Merce Cunningham studio

in New York, graduated in drama, art and music at DAMS 

University in Italy. Certified yoga teacher and classical indian dancer at ICYER in India where has been renamed Kaartik. Founder of indiemotion a creative platform to lead collaborative processes for performance art production, cultural events and educational programs in movement.

Performed for international companies and cultural institutions as Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Germany), PHI Centre (Canada), Punchdrunk (UK), Cadmium Compagnie (France), MNT Conservatorio Tartini (Italy), IAM Graz University (Austria). Performances has been presented and supported by Festivals as Boom (Portugal), Trieste Science+Fiction, Invisible Cities, Contaminazioni Digitali, Danceproject and Robotics (Italy).

All these experiences lead to the unification of Kaartik the dancer, Denny the designer and indiemotion che creative producer into the self-chosen algorithm #kdindie

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