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REDUPLICANTS augmented dance and immersive space for a "time travel". Interactive performance and audio visual installation inspired by the light cone, a graphic representation of space-time by the mathematician Minkowski. The portion of the diagram within which all possible future developments and all possible causes in the past of a current event located in the origin of space-time are confined. It is considered how the position of a physical body at a precise moment came from another point in space-time.


CD, Interactive Design, Sensor and Sound Programming - Sadam Fujioka (anno lab)

Performance design, choreography and live act - Kdindie

Production - GRUPPO78 International Contemporary Art and indiemotion for Robotics Festival Trieste

Presented at Invisible Cities Festival in Gradisca on 7 September during EuroScience Open Forum 2020


Video - Ruben Vuaran

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